road paste May 10, 2021

Oh Arlo, we hardly knew ye. Being very scared of people and not making noise are two personality traits that are going to make it hard to find you. The notice says to call if you are spotted. I think I might have spotted you out on the highway. Right next to the spot of […]

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Old and Crusty

making the community better one shear at a time April 29, 2021

I was out doing some errands today, and as I was walking down the sidewalk I saw a young man walking towards me with his parents. The young man had a toque and quite a lot of scraggly hair hanging down just past his shoulders. As I approached the group of them I heard a […]

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Chocolatey Spa

spa-licious! April 8, 2021

I saw this sign on a local spa recently. “Chocolate Therapy Spa treatment” you say? I wanted to know more, so I went in and asked. They apparently pour chocolate all over your back. I asked them if they lick it all off afterwards and they just stared at me. What happened to the good […]

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Sensory Deprivation

nothing to see here March 28, 2021

Our shopping is so sensory friendly, there’s no way to read anything about when it’s available. This is some next level shit

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The Case of the Missing Underwear

itchy and scratchy March 9, 2021

Looky what I found today. Perfectly good pair of underwear carelessly tossed into a snowbank. I took them home and let them dry out, and hey presto! A new pair of underwear for me. They’re a few sizes too small and were kinda sticky, but other than that I have no idea why someone would […]

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