I Was Here

who turned the screw August 15, 2020

The logical tautology of the statement is undeniable. The strokes are bold, and show both passion and the single-minded purpose of the artist. The choice of bold typeface and colour strongly indicate a quiet desperation, underscored with an urgent yearning to engage the reader. A certain sense of whimsy can be teased out of the […]

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Pay No Mind to the Stripping Chicken

chicken dance July 24, 2020

Making a chicken strip is just sick in my opinion. We’re already killing it, breading it and deep frying it – let’s not humiliate it any further, shall we? As Jermaine Stewart once sang so eloquently – “we don’t have to take our clothes off to have a good time”. Go in peace my fine […]

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One Man One Vision

one task at a time please July 7, 2020

Why does going to the bathroom have to involve having some kind of sex? Makes no sense. Come on people, one activity at a time please. Let’s focus on the task and don’t try to turn everything into a multitasking adventure.

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Sign of the Times

about face June 22, 2020

If you want to get people to come to your establishment, maybe it’s a good idea to have the sign pointing toward traffic. Putting a sign up facing the wrong way down a one way street….. fail sauce, dude.

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Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’

sad and wet June 5, 2020

A sad casualty of the 2020 pandemic. This little roll never made it home with its buddies. Being dumped on the wet sidewalk is arguably the best fate it could have had – fulfulling its role in life (pardon the pun) would have had a shitty ending. Rawhide

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