DanceLikeaChicken is a study in human nature, especially humourous insights and self-examination. But not the kind of self-examination a proctologist would give himself. More like thinking what you would have looked like to an outside observer when you fell off that chair when you were trying to change a light bulb in the nude.

So this exercise is about the juicy bits. My juicy bits. Deep fried situational goodness.

Why “DanceLikeaChicken”?

Chickens are just naturally funny. And they taste pretty good too. The idea of a slightly ridiculous creature dancing around in angst is amusing. Not creepy amusing like a monkey’s paw or a clown that happens to know where you live. Harmless amusing, in a free roaming kind of way. And eggs are pretty fun things too. Paint ’em up for Easter, or take a dozen raw and number them with a marker, float them in the toilet and flush them for an impromptu game of bingo!

Dancing like a chicken is something that every human being has done at one time or another. Slept in and missed the train so your boss had to make the presentation to your client? Start the pickled egg jig my friend! How about your spouse catching you checking out the booty of your mother in law? Ye haw! Five, six, seven eight – dance boy!