The Energizer Bunny

flush this Batman

by Foghorn on June 2, 2021

What do you think of when you think about bunnies? That’s right – chocolate.

Remember the olden days when you used a little handle to flush the toilet? Seems like a quaint idea now that we have….. battery powered toilets! Yes indeed, the magic sensor of the waving hand over the back of the toilet will now flush the toilet for you so you REALLY don’t need to wash your hands. ExceptÖ.. what happens when the batteries expire? Oh. Well, then you have to dig around in the back of the toilet and replace them. Ewwww! This is the opposite of what we wanted to accomplish 🙁

I’m no engineer, but putting batteries into the back of the toilet bowl seems to not be a good design choice

Forget watches with TVs. Battery powered toilets is where it’s at. This is some 21st century shittake

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