Old and Crusty


by Foghorn on April 29, 2021

I was out doing some errands today, and as I was walking down the sidewalk I saw a young man walking towards me with his parents. The young man had a toque and quite a lot of scraggly hair hanging down just past his shoulders.

As I approached the group of them I heard a slight chirping of tires, and then a black van pulled up on the road beside the family and three men jumped out. They grabbed the young man and quickly carried him into the back of the van. His parents were obviously stunned by this turn of events, and clearly didn’t know how to react. They both stood there with their mouths open, staring at the van. The van stayed where it was and made no attempt to leave. A few other people who had witnessed this also stopped to see what was going on.

Less than 30 seconds later the back doors of the van opened, and out came the young man with the toque – unharmed, and also obviously stunned, but with NO hair.

What the hell?!

The van then sped away. As it left I saw the words emblazoned on the side panel:

Capture. Tag. Shear. Release.

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