F is either for Ford, or Found. Or Fucked

what is lost is.... lost

by Foghorn on April 14, 2019

If life gives you lemons you are supposed to make lemonade, but what happens if life takes your ride away? You have to make ride-o-lade. Not sure if someone purposefully put this attractive lime green pay-per-ride bike next to this sign or if it was just happenstance, but it’s a pretty good editorial commentary either way.

I love how the person that made and posted this sign lets you know that it’s specifically a Ford key that they are missing, but don’t bother to give you the license plate number or the location of the vehicle so you could try out the key to see if it works if you found it. Just giving me a phone number isn’t going to help me test out the key to see if it’s the right one dude.

The person that lost the key obviously has a pretty good idea where the key is if they put a sign up right here. Why not look around a bit more rather than getting the whole neighbourhood involved in a search for a ghost key? I bet these kinds of signs are great hobo bait – if you are homeless and use the sign as a place to start looking for the key, if you find a key that has any kind of ‘Ford’ marking on it, simply expand your search in the area until you find the car or truck it works in and presto! New mobile home for you.

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