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dance of the cheeses

by Foghorn on May 12, 2016

You are probably aware that any collection of certain animals are categorized by a group name – we have all heard of a pride of lions, or perhaps a murder of crows, a crash of rhinos, a troop of apes, or a culture of bacteria…. when I was out shopping this weekend I found out what a collection of cheeses is called. Behold – a Flight of Cheese.

Upon closer inspection I was astonished to see that the first cheese in the flight was ‘Red Evil’ cheese – I am not a cheese aficionado, but I have never heard of Red Evil. Turns out it was a handwritten typo – it should have been labelled ‘Red Devil’. Still never heard of it.

But now you can live happily ever after knowing that you can win friends and influence family with your profound knowledge of fromage. My gift to you.

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