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wipe out

by Foghorn on January 6, 2014

My sister works for a very large company. They are in the process of moving to a new building, a process that is taking several years. As part of the process, they have many formal and informal meetings and processes and procedures in place to help people make the transition. One of the services they offer is a professionally managed question box that anyone can ask any question about the new digs they will be moving to.

This person thought it was important to ask the question above.

Awesome question there, numb-nuts. Because I might have to quit my job if I don’t have access to 24 ply toilet paper that feels like a white virgin kitten with which to caress my nipsy with.

People are at war and starving and all other manner of human struggle and tragedy, and all this person can think about is their own brown eye. Way to think “team”. Sweet Jebus.

As a side note, I bet the people that carefully research and answer all the questions like this one that come down the pipe (so to speak) have certainly seen some real zingers besides this baby.

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