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swim for it, boys!

by Foghorn on November 20, 2013

I was watching the news the other day about a new mother that had been diagnosed with cancer. She was undergoing chemo and so she could not breastfeed her newborn baby. So she went online and got other new mothers to donate their breast milk to her while she was in chemo. She recovered from her cancer, and then it turns out that one mother that had donated her breast milk to her ended up getting cancer herself right after she had given birth. So she ended up going back to the mother she had helped in the first place to get some of her breast milk to feed her baby while she was in chemo. A sort of ‘tit for tot’ scenario.

Anyway, it was very touching story, with both mothers proudly showing off their bags of frozen breast milk that they had been donating to each other. Great. So why is it that when I collect and freeze sperm in little popsicle trays and give it to little kids out on the street as a cool treat on a hot day that I’m somehow ‘a demented sicko’. Seems like a real double standard if you ask me. The whole world has gone mad.

It’s not like it’s my sperm – I simply ‘milk’ the neighbourhood hobos that live in a local park.

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