The Cat’s Meow

here kitty kitty

by Foghorn on August 11, 2013

Bumper sticker reads: Adopt a Pet. Save a Life.

A noble sentiment and call to action, but I couldn’t help wondering about this particular driver – this was the only bumper sticker on the vehicle. So the driver (or his wife or partner)  are pretty passionate about cats. But what about the cats that aren’t able to be rescued?

I like to think these people are “waste-not, want-not” kind of folks. So when I saw this car I immediately imagined that the driver had a couple of freshly euthanized ones in a cooler in the back seat, ready for the BBQ. A little honey/soy sauce marinade and a fresh spinach salad with cranberries and ‘Mister Tickles’ and ‘Cuddles’ will nicely round out the evening meal.


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