The Case of the Ironic Hobo

warm thoughts on a summer evening

by Foghorn on July 12, 2010

Ahhh, inner city living. It’s always an adventure to see what little presents await me each morning. Today I was lucky enough to find this little gem on the way to work.  It’s possible that this person perhaps had something a bit more on their mind than a simple biological break.

Note that this act was perpetuated against a dumpster. This person apparently had a sense of humour, and no doubt a flair for the double entendre.

You have to admire the overall technique as well. It wasn’t a full squat, but instead a half leaning ‘Scary Grandpa’. This person was obviously on the move, just stooping long enough to get the job done and leave the appropriate calling card. Also note the texture and consistency – this person works hard to get fiber in their diet. From the looks of it, it’s probably a diet rich in wild oak and stinging nettles that grow down by the river.

I had to wonder if this was a failed attempt at a slam dump. They missed the yawning opening of the dumpster by a country mile, but maybe it was dark and they just had trouble aiming. Not sure if this shot would qualify as a rim job or not.

Maybe this was simply an act of defiance, or perhaps a political commentary on the state of urban refuse management. Considering that I had packed a lunch and needed to have an appetite to eat it, I will leave those musings to the reader.

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