A Rush of Blood to the Torso

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by Foghorn on April 6, 2010

Alamjan Nematilaev was the surviving host of a fetus in fetu. In 2003, aged 7, his school physician in Kazakhstan referred him to hospital after movements were detected in the boy’s enlarged abdomen. An operation intended to remove a cyst uncovered the fetus of Alamjan’s identical twin brother, which had lived as parasitic growth inside the boy throughout his entire life.

The fetus was comparatively highly developed, with hair, arms, fingers, nails, legs, toes, genitals, a head, and a vague approximation of a face.[5][6] After being removed, the fetus purportedly asked to speak directly to Rush Limbaugh, thereby substantiating the claim that, despite the advanced state of physical development, there apparently was no cerebral activity whatsoever.

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