Bathroom Rules

single file please peeps

by Foghorn on October 23, 2020

Oh man, this one writes itself. How many times did something happen that caused front line workers to notify management to get this sign made to try to curb this activity. Have to wonder how many people it actually stops – and really, what the hell is going on when multiple people enter a single person bathroom together?

We are a fascinating species 🙂


Drive Thru

driving to stand still

by Foghorn on October 14, 2020

The irony of these signs always amuses me. Have to wonder what the convo was like when they decided to get a parking stall for drive through customers.

“We need more parking spots for customers who aren’t coming in to the restaurant.”

“That makes no sense. Do you even work here?”


Temperature Check

bummed out September 22, 2020

I saw this handy covid temperature check in the lobby of a building recently. Really tough to get my leg up over it to take my temperature though. The security guard in the lobby was watching me closely the whole time. He didn’t offer to hold the device for me, nor did he offer to […]

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Fried Colonel

friend face off September 4, 2020

Looks like Colonel Sanders fell into the deep fryer! After this location closed, I think the best they could do to remove the sign was to splash old frying grease on the sign. Looks like is did a pretty decent job of destroying his likeness. Just like what they do to chickens in real life. […]

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lost socks in the laundry August 30, 2020

What a great opportunity! I can’t wait to convert all my savings to this new cryptocurrency. I wonder if they’ll let me convert my RRSPs to this new ‘poof-and-it’s-gone’ currency as well. You guys wouldn’t be trying to take me to the cleaners or anything like that would you now?

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